Intentional Living Through Montessori in the Home

Just a typical day in the Mason household. My boys have taught me so much in just the past couple of months. I've learned the importance of having a prepared environment for the boys, how I need to fill up my love tank first before filling the love tanks of my family and educating myself on how I can continue to live a life with intention and meaning. 

I've learned so much about David and Liam. D loves getting his hands dirty and helping in the kitchen. Today, he helped make homemade peanut butter cups and breakfast quesadillas. He loves stacking and building things. Lili on the other hand just loves to snuggle. Because he's our second, I think he's more simple with his needs and all he wants is attention and love❤️(Isn't that what we all want?)

👉👉Wisdom of the day: Intentional living doesn't just happen. It takes design, reflection and the commitment to live a life worth living. For the new year, I invite you to live a life by design rather than by default 

Reflection = Growth

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