Stretching Vs. Catching

So today, I want to talk about stretching. I wrote about this a couple weeks ago but wanted to bring it up again. 

I had an appointment with my hair stylist and we started talking about being content with what you already have instead of feeling like you never have enough. 

We are bombarded with marketing that tells us that we need to consume. We need to buy in order to be happy. Yes, I understand that consumerism is how our economy grows and how we create jobs. At the same time, I hear again and again from people how unhappy they are. 

It seems like we live in a society that is encouraging us to chase after things/people/ideas that will make us happy but when we reach them, we're onto the next shiny object. 

From a teacher/parent perspective, what does this mean for our children? Does this mean that were teaching them to chase? To be unsatisfied until they get that desired outcome. 

Are we loosing sight on what it means to be content right now? To stretch with what we have instead of constantly catching. 

👉👉 Wisdom of the day: The first step to Intentional living is to be content with where you are today. As my mom would say, if you're not right happy now, you'll never be happy. Lead today with a grateful heart ❤️

Intentional living is making buying decisions that support your values and vision for your family and life. 

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