Reflection = Growth

There's beauty in stillness..png

I recently had a self-discovery call with a woman who owns her own business. She came to me feeling frustrated and burnt out. She's a mom, wife, sister, business owner and all the other hats us moms wear. She asked me how she can design a more Intentional life and I said start with your inner work. 

Too often people forget that they have everything they need within them. The results that you want to accomplish is lying within you. It all starts with your personal development. How are you carving intentional time for nourishing yourself. When was the last time you read a personal development book or wrote in a journal? 

👉👉Wisdom of the day: Reflection = growth. Take a moment and reflect on where you currently are and where you want to go ❤️ are you taking steps with where you want to go? If not, pause and redesign your life 

Intentional Living Through Montessori in the Home