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Personal Growth Series: Maximize Your Productivity




Time is our most important resource. 

Most women make the mistake of putting way too much on their plate. Bring your notebook, pen and get ready to streamline your time management so you can maximize your productivity. 

We'll be meeting at Whole Foods in uptown for a fun and casual gathering where we'll talk about maximizing your productivity so you can actually get stuff done and live the life you desire.

During this interactive workshop, you'll learn where your time is lost and what impact that has on you and those around you. This event looks at how you can manage your workload effectively and by doing so reduce your stress..

Learn how to prioritise your workload, to avoid distractions to ensure that all tasks are completed. Identify what is costing you your time, whether it is necessary and how to prevent this happening.

By the end of the event, you'll be able to:
• Identify and avoid your own personal time stealers
• Understand the importance of creating time to plan
• Delegate effectively so you don't feel overwhelmed (Do it, delegate it or delete it)
• Reduce stress and improve your well-being by being more in control of your work
• Have a personal action plan to implement and accomplish your top priorities  

Cost: $30
Grab your ticket by clicking the link below

Who is this event for? 
Driven, highly-ambitious women who consider themselves as lifelong learners and see the value of investing in their personal development in order to achieve their goals. 

Tiffany Mason is a Certified Life and Leadership Coach. She specializes in working with women around leadership development and personal growth so they can live a life with intention.