CC Ep. 018: 3 benefits to screen-free evenings



In this episode, I share with you the 3 benefits of having screen-free evenings. I'm not suggesting that you never watch TV or work on your laptop in the evenings, all I'm saying is to be intentional with how you spend your evenings. Here are the 3 benefits that I've seen in my own life with having screen-free evenings: 

  1. Reconnect with family. After a long day, I enjoy reconnecting with John and the two boys. Even if it's snuggling on the couch together as a family, cultivating your relationships with the people you love is essential to your well-being and happiness. 
  2. Reset for the following day. Something that I've been doing in the evenings is resetting for the following day. I look at my calendar and planner and see what needs to happen. This helps with setting my future self up for success. 
  3. Get quality of sleep. Think about it, if you're intentional with having screen-free evenings, the chances of you setting up a relaxing evening is much higher. Having this quality of sleep will help you wake up refreshed, energized and ready to start the day. 

Lead with  love,





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