CC Ep. 008: From Depression to Discovering Her Life's Direction (Plus: Quick & Easy Website Tips!)




Anabelle Malcolm is the Founder of UpSprout Studio, a creative studio that can do it all when it comes to setting up female entrepreneurs with a rockin’ website! Specializing in creating cohesive brand identities, compelling copy, and websites that “wow,” Anabelle loves working with women who feel intimidated by all the tech stuff that goes into establishing a professional online home for their businesses. When she’s not attached to her laptop, Anabelle is listening to podcasts or audiobooks, building LEGO sets with her six-year-old son, or bemoaning how long the world has to wait for the final season of Game of Thrones.








Let's talk about branding, copy writing and web design for creating an attractive website! 


3 Tips for Branding

  1. Get a professional logo 
  2. Find your color palette 
  3. Choose 2 to 3 fonts that is simple and easy to read. 

3 Tips for Copy Writing 

  1. Consider how people read websites. People don't read websites. They scroll and skim online content. 
  2. Use headers and sub headers 
  3. Break up your paragraphs 1 sentence can be more powerful than 5 sentences. 

3 Tips for Web Design 

  1. Choose a website template
  2. Embrace white space 
  3. Use photos and headshots 

Bonus Tip: Pay attention to above the fold. What are you seeing without having to stroll down? You need to make sure you are clear with your message and a call to action! 

You can find out more about Anabelle and her services by going to


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  • Squarespace 

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