CC 007: Setting Boundaries with Trisha Kusinitz

Meet with our very first guest, Trisha Kusinitz

3 Fun Facts About Tricia: 

1.  I love to dance and have been known to break out in full dance party mode while cooking dinner, in the elevator, waiting for the train...etc.

2. I am afraid of heights, but pushed myself to go skydiving and absolutely LOVED IT!


3. I am obsessed with the tiny house movement.  I love the idea of everything having multi-purposes and living a life that is guided by true need.  I love the idea of having more time and energy to live life, rather than living a life that has to plan, fix, or clean it!

Trisha Kusinitz is a Certified Professional Coach who has been working with both corporate and private clients for over 15 years. Her coaching practice leverages Energy Leadership methodology to help her clients improve engagement, productivity and performance. Trisha’s mission is to empower others to live the lives they CAN and want to be living. She guides people, helping them to overcome their fears and self-imposed limitations, while also enabling them to tap into their true desires, passion and purpose to achieve greater success. She helps them identify and balance personal and professional goals and to make decisions with greater self-awareness. Trisha is intuitive and very approachable and offers helpful insights and suggestions while providing a unique perspective. 


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