CC Ep. 003: How To Cultivate Relationships


In this episode, you'll learn

  1. 3 ways to bette cultivate your relationships with the people you love.


To me, “cultivating connections” is all about building authentic relationships, creating networks, and learning from each other.
— Annabelle Malcolm
To me, cultivating connections is all about meeting new likeminded people, learning new skills, and creating a support system!
— Laura Butler
Cultivating Connections means straightening the bonds you already have in addition to meeting new people to serve and grow with
— Lisa Rubin

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Now, let's dive into the 3 ways to better cultivate your relationships: 

  1. Listen. Be a listening ear for 5 friends. Make a list of 5 friends that you'd like to building a stronger relationship. Once you have this list, write down next next to each name one thing that you really like about that person. Now that you have the names and the specific qualities for each person, I want you to reach out to them in the next week. This can be via text message, phone call or email. Although I would highly recommend calling them or scheduling a time to connect in person. In person interaction is the best way to cultivate any relationship. Reach out to each and every person on your life and share with them what you like about them and ask what they've been up to.. and your role is to just listen. Be a listening ear. 
  2. Share. As you go through your day, always think about your friends, clients and family. Are you reading a magazine that you think your client would just love? Or how about going to the store and while you're picking up a bag of avocados, you  think about your high school friend that just loved avocados? This would be a great reason for you to reach out to them and let them know that you were thinking about them. 
  3. Love. Add them as a friend on your Facebook. So some people would disagree with this one because people believe that you shouldn't mix personal and professional. I would disagree with this. My coaching business has sky rocketed because I've cultivated my relationships by getting to know all of a person, instead of just their business side. If you're looking to work with, collaborate or attract specific people into your business/life, I encourage you to find them on Facebook and send them a friend request. Once you send that friend request, send them a message and state specifically what you admire about them. Once you two are friends on Facebook, look through a couple of their posts and photos and make a comment. This is the beginning of cultivating a relationship with them. 

This week's assignment: 

  • What's your story? Share within our community here.
A true relationship is someone who accepts your past, supports your present, loves you & encourages your future.
— Unknown

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