Failures Are An Invitation For Growth

We’ve been homeschooling the boys for about 6 months now and I’m learning so much about myself. I’m learning the importance of having the prepared environment and the prepared teacher.

Motherhood is definitely a juggling act. I’m learning that it’s okay to let things go and to give myself grace. I’m learning that at the end of the day, my boys want me to be present and happy. Happy parents make happy children.

I sometimes get into a funk with figuring out our daily schedules and how to juggle the other hats that I wear on a daily basis. I’ve been feeling sick so I haven’t been myself lately. I see the dirty dishes and the pile of laundry and I wonder if I’m failing. Today, on my 29th birthday, I’m reminded to give myself grace. I’m the designer of my own life. If I want something to change in my life, it’s up to me.

Wisdom of the day: See challenges in your life as an invitation for grace and inner work. If there’s something in your life that you don’t like, change it. Focus on the areas in your life that can change. I invite you to embrace failures and see it as an invitation for deeper inner work.

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