Building Communities


Building communities has played such a big part in my life. Now that I’m a mother of two boys, I find myself yearning to connect with other moms right in my backyard. I started Midwood Mommies about two years ago after moving to.a small quiet neighborhood outside of uptown Charlotte.

Fast forward to today, we have 400 members in our group and our moms use our online space daily. Something that I’m super passionate about for this year is being more intentional with in-person gatherings. I want to be more intentional with spending less time on social media and more time connecting in person.

I met with a fellow Midwood Mom yesterday and we’ll be starting a monthly book club, which I’m super excited about it. Reading has always been a passion of mine and starting a book club is the next step in building our mom community!

Wisdom of the day: How are you building a community in your backyard? Think about a hobby or maybe a passion of yours that you want to bring people together. For the month of February, I invite you to spend less time online and more time connecting with others.



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