Motherhood is Hard Work!

Your state of life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind.
— Wayne Dyer

I recently had a Midwood Mommies meetup and we talked a lot about motherhood and those first few weeks of being alone with baby. Motherhood is hard work and taking a shower one time in a week is even a big win.

I totally get it!

Being the life coach that I am, I started thinking about this quote by Wayne Dyer and the work that I do with moms around intentional living. I know for me, when David was a baby, I would get stuck in this mindset of “I’m just a stay at home mom” but this mindset started to become my reality. It had a negative impact with how I raised David, treated my John and how I lived my life.

I decided to shift my mindset from a disempowering affirmation to an empowering one “I’m an amazing mom raising a tiny human beings!”

Just with this small shift in mindset has made all the difference in the world! Now that I have two boys, running my coaching business and working with moms, I can share with you that your mindset EVERYTHING.

Wisdom of the day: Your state of mind becomes your reality. I know it’s hard being a new mom. Just know that this too shall pass. One day you’ll look back when your little one is an adult and refinish this time with them. Commit to choosing a more empowering affirmation for yourself!

You’ve got this, Mama!



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