Mindfulness In Children

In today’s session, I want to explore this idea of sharing tools with your children to help overcome negative emotions.

Something that we introduced to David is meditation. There’s a really cool app called, Calm that has a section that is dedicated to toddlers. Highly recommend if you want to start introduce meditation to your child.

Since we’re homeschooling the boys, I want to be intention with having tools that they can use when they get disappointed, frustrated or need some space to unwind. When David was smaller, we had a comfy zone, but now that he’s 3, I want to help expand his tool kit and have meditation be an option for him to relax.

Wisdom of the day: What tools does your child have in their tool kit? If we’re to share mindfulness in our children, we must have tools in our own tool kit. Take a step back and observe what nourishes their soul. Is it yoga, going outside or helping in the kitchen?



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