Day Of Rest

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Something that I’ve been working on is dedicating Saturdays as my day of rest. I still tend to wake up early around 5 for some quiet time before the boys wake up, but when they do wake up, I try to be as intentional as I can to have all technology put away. I have always struggled with feeling like I have to be ON, all the time. In the past, this has lead me to pure exhaustion and burn out.

Ever since I started the intentional living project, I’m realizing that I need to be mindful around carving out time for rest. Saturdays are my day of rest. Put my phone on airplane mode and just be with the people I love.

I recently had a coaching session with a client who' works in corporate America and she started talking about her frustration of. having to do everything at home. Not only does she work a full time job, but her job doesn’t stop when she gets home in the evenings. She has two preschoolers and she feels under appreciated from her husband.

After her session, I started thinking about this and how common it is for modern moms today to feel like we have to do everything. Our to-do list is never ending and it seems like we’re constantly ON.

Wisdom of the day: I invite you to carve out intentional time for rest. This can be for an entire. day or only a few hours. Ideally, you incorporate this new habit into your lifestyle. Choose a day/time where you unplug from work, screens and. just experience life with the people you love!

You’ve got this mama!



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