Focus On The Process, Not The Goal

I’ve been listening to the audiobook, The Conscious Parent and the author is a firm believer in teaching your kids the process, instead of accomplishing the goal.

This is something that I’ve long struggled with and now that I’m experiencing this intentional living project, I find myself being more mindful with how I raise my two boys. I grew up checking items off my to-do list and focusing on getting the medals and making my parents happy.

Now that I’m a mom, I’m realizing that it’s important for children to learn the process in which they do things. For example, David was painting rocks the other day outside and once he was done, he showed me as he waited for my reaction.

Instead of just praising him, I decided to ask him how he went about painting the rock. What colors he used, how the rock felt and which brushes he used.

Wisdom of the day: Teach your children to focus on the process, not the goal. Guide them to enjoy the love of learning and not the love of outcome. This will have a powerful influence in their life.

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The Conscious Parent