Detox From Social Media

Welcome to the Intentional Living Project. For those that are new here, I started a one year journey of homeschooling, running a business, and being more intentional in my life. I’m sharing my daily insights through my Intentional Living project.

Today’s session, I want to focus on detoxing from social media. Lately, I find myself scrolling mindlessly through Facebook and IG when the boys go to bed. This is definitely something that I’m not proud of and something that I want to change.

I’ve been playing with this idea of detoxing from my social media. Not only will I be more present with my boys, but I’ll be more present in life.

Wisdom of the day: How are you using social media? Is it serving you in designing the life you want or its it distracting you? Be intentional with how you spend time social media. As I like to say, carve out intentional time for social media and intentional time unplugged from social media.



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